We are looking for collaborations around the world for purchasing vehicles with an emphasis on the following models:

About US

The David Agencies Group, which was founded in 2006, operates in the field of vehicle trade alongside other activities in the field of international trade.  The group consists of two main companies, the oldest of which is in Israel in the heart of Tel Aviv, and the second, in the city of Sofia in Bulgaria.

Both companies were founded by Mr. David Amshikashvili, who serves as the CEO and as the owner of the operations.

The Group operates in the field of trade in automotive, new, and second-hand, and represents official importers, through two official dealerships of Renault and Citroën, as well as in the procurement of vehicles from other manufacturers in the automotive industry.

The Group is one of the leaders in the taxi industry in Israel and our brands are directly responsible for about 20% of new car sales to the taxi industry in Israel.

The company's operations in Bulgaria are intended to expand the Group's operations into Europe, initially in the automotive industry and later to expand its operations to additional trade sectors.

The Group's goal is to provide exceptional personal service to its customers prior to the sale and even more so, after the sale, while closely accompanying it in any malfunction or assistance required, in a way that will distinguish it from other competitors in the market in every field. As part of its comprehensive activities on behalf of its customers, the Group has developed good and beneficial working relationships with leading financial institutions to provide cheap and comprehensive financing solutions to its clients.

The Group has 2 showrooms and a 2,000 square meter trade-in yard.

The pride of the group is its high-quality personnel and each employee in the group is carefully selected and undergoes comprehensive training in accordance with the group's values and vision of service. One of the basic values of the group is the provision of full equality of opportunity to the entire population, regardless of religion, sex, age, and race, and this is clearly reflected in the composition of the labor force in the group, which represents all strata of the population.

Our management team

Shalva Amshikashvili

Trade-in manger

Yaniv Elnekave

VP Sales & Dev

David Amshikashvili

Founder & CEO

Elran Tveria

Citroen Sales manager

Daniel Levi-Zada

Renault Sales manager

Noy Hazan

Sales manager